New Era Capital is a private equity family office focused on key growth sectors in Asia, with particular focus on North Asia ad Southeast Asia. New Era Capital aims to capture new growth areas such as medicine, transport technology, key technologies and agriculture. The investments into these few key sectors would mainly come in the form of investing into companies. However New Era Capital also believes in an effective hedge through the storage of assets in the form of precious metals such as Gold and Silver, with particular focus on the latter as a precious metal with high growth potential in terms of asset value.

New Era Capital also focuses on providing special concierge services or more specifically known as bespoke services for high net worth clients and individuals. New Era Capital welcomes all high net-worth individuals with open arms and hopes to be of service through our long-standing relationships with infrastructure providers, property managers and esteemed services vendor. This aspect of New Era Capital is extremely applicable to those who live life at heights inaccessible to most people and would like to enjoy the overwhelming myriad of choices which wealth can bring. To this end, we make sure all your dining, travel, shopping, and healthcare arrangements are made on your terms.