Our Investment Philosophy

There are many ways to invest – at New Era Capital, we believe in old school hard work and research. We believe in churning and analysing data until we reach a favourable conclusion for our clients. A favourable conclusion in the form of a stable investment with a moderate degree of multiplier effect. Explore our investment instruments, regions, industry sectors and our other offered services under this tab.



The New Era Story is one of humble beginnings. Explore our story and see what focus areas we possess as an esteemed portfolio management firm. Journey with us as we reveal to you our key expectations about the economy and the areas of growth, we expect in the next 10 years.



New Era Capital believes in the power of a united front and a team which works together to bring forth success and prosperity together. Hence, we carefully select our investments because these investments and projects are also our partners. Such is the belief of New Era Capital – where every investment is taken into the family and supported with our array of experts and consultancy.

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